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The start of it all! Trini, Andy & Me

Welcome back! I am sure there will be other blog entries about this photo. Trini Lopez died in August 2020 at the age of 83. He was the first musical act I ever saw on stage, and what a stage it was. The famous Blinstrub's Village Nightclub in South Boston. Just got off the phone with Mom. We think I was eleven, so my brother Andy was five. My uncle Charlie and aunt Winifred worked there. That's how we got in...and got a good table..and drank a lot of ginger ale. This was about 1963. The peak of Trini's popularity. I was slowly collecting his LP's. Still have them all.

Stanley Blinstrub, the son of a Lithuanian immigrant, made it into one of the largest night clubs on the east coast. I still remember Trini coming down the glass staircase onto the stage. Just Trini on vocals and that really nice Gibson guitar. Mickey Jones was on drums and Dick Bryant on bass guitar.

OK, now why your really here - the photo. With my "family" connections I was able to get back into

the lavish "Star", "Shared", dressing room. That's Dick the bass player in the bathroom behind the curtain on the rusty rod. I do not think Andy had any idea what was going on. In fact he's asleep with his eyes open. Really not sure why he got the bow tie and I got the clip-on striped number. Still have the "S" tie clip. It's in my hand right now!!!! Got to say the buttoned sport coat was the height of style at the time. I think Andy and I both had Bucs on our feet too. I was also trying really hard to get that cleft in my chin like Trini's. Just not the same.

I am pretty sure we had that same TV set. It was a grey & white number with a handle.

On the bright side the room came with Ajax and real paper towels, not the continual cloth roll around one. Wow!

I pretty much have had that smile ever since. That night was when I said that's what I want!! Music, guitars, singing, glass stairs, dressing room, TV set, real paper towels and a bass player behind the curtain.

Did you notice what Trini wrote? " To Scot, Your Pal, Trini". No last name needed and he spelled my name correct. Scot with one "T". Did I mention my parents took us to a "nightclub" on a school night! What's not to love! Thanks Mom & Dad! Everything I do is your fault. Nice work!


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