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Ok, So I have a Vinyl Problem!

What you see above is a Norman Granz release from 1955 on his own NORGRAN RECORDS label. It features the best jazz piano players of all time. Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson and Bud Powell. Included is the inside record sleeve with the couple smoking (of course) and passing the time listening to jazz. Did I mention the great artwork on the cover!!

Paula (God bless her) and I spent 30-40 minutes in an unheated garage with 20 degree temps outside looking through these records. Did not even have time to look at the record. Lips, fingers, knees all just about to freeze and fall off. I was sort of looking for anything by Norman Granz. He was a record producer and concert promoter. He founded three record labels Clef, Norgran & Verve.

All in the 40's & 50's. Always amazed I can find 60 to 70 year old records that play great. The one above looks like it was owned by a honey badger. Totally ripped up on both sides.

It's also hard to believe when I started teaching at South Jr. High in Brockton, MA, Lisa Villani & I

taught a unit on the care, playing and feeding of records. THEY HAVE COME BACK!

To confirm my Vinyl problem I own a few turntables and several cartridges. I need to be able to play 78's, mono records, stereo records and really big records...don't ask.

TO THINK WHEN I WORKED AT KREYS DISC SHOP AT THE WESTGATE MALL IN BROCKTON MONO LP'S WERE $3.99 AND STEREO LP'S WERE $4.99. Sorry for yelling. There is no known cure for this condition. Oh, another symptom... I talk about it a lot. Used to be a record store here in Belfast, ME. Just as well, it would be inside, climate controlled, not as much fun. Right Paula???????


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