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scot cannon

About Scot Cannon

Scot is a talented mime, a gifted musician, and a dedicated educator who's been teaching and inspiring young people for over 40 years.


Scot received formal training in Music Education and Composition at Berklee College of Music, Pantomime with Kenyon Martin’s National Mime Theatre, Master Mime Tony Montanaro and Master Classes with Marcel Marceau. Scot also studied acting with the Lyric Stage of Boston and dance with the Boston Ballet. Scot has worked as a music director, producer and consultant for grade schools and college theater productions.


Scot's work with tolerance, bullying and self-esteem issues come as a natural out growth of his years of teaching and entertaining. He has found that sharing his own experiences with his speech problems, and the struggle to be accepted strikes a universal chord in his audiences and results in programs that speak to both minds and hearts.


Scot has a series of assembly programs for elementary students through to  young adults and families.


Scot also does songwriting, pantomime and theater residencies throughout New England.


At this time Scot has his first album of his Children’s’ songs called “Walk, Talk and Mow” and “Maine Kids Sing about Maine “taken from his residencies, for sale. A new original album is on the way.

“In a changing world, Scot Cannon’s program (Open The Door) is more necessary than most of us would like to acknowledge. His program was not only entertaining, but also extremely valuable in helping children learn to build positive relationships. Two thumbs up!”
Constance Evelyn, Administrative Intern and Stephen J. Orcutt, Principal, Vernon Verona Sherrill Central School, Verona, New York 

Scot hosts the WERU Family Radio Hour on WERU Community Radio from East Orland, ME the first Saturday of every month at 11 am on WERU-89.9fm Blue Hill, 99.9fm Bangor and The Radio Hour showcases children & young adults that write and perform music and do other impressive things. Scot always plays music for the whole family too.


HEH!!! IT’S ME…SCOT!! Just thought I’d sneak in here and say “Hi” before the Bio is over.

All my work comes from four places. The first thing was the love from my parents and the music my father, Verne W. Cannon, got me interested in as a kid. He would bring me home a record almost every week. His favorite was Big Band Jazz. So, I got a lot of that as well as every other music he thought was good. I still have the 1951 Guild Mahogany M-20 guitar my Mom & Dad got me when I was 10.

Two, is my Uncle Theo Wolfe. He was an artist & designed the sets for the Boston Children’s Theater when I was growing up. We saw the shows every year.

The third thing was my speech problem growing up. It both hurt and inspired me. It made me see what is the right way to treat people. It made me want to inspire children to find their inner gifts and wish to help others find theirs.

paula & scot cannon

“…clearly the finest performance of it’s kind that I have witnessed in my 27 years as a middle school educator … he is a talented teacher with the gift to relate important values to youngsters in a manner that they can understand and relate to.”
John E. Hagerty, Qualters Middle School, Mansfield, MA

scot cannon music and mime

Fourth, the love & support of my wife of 45 years Paula. Ok, she should be first!! While we were teaching at South Junior High in Brockton MA we became foster & adoptive parents for several older at risk students.  I was the Music teacher and band director.


In 1987 I left teaching to develop a series of character education programs based on the issues facing the kids we worked with and the ones that came home with us. I have been touring with these programs for 35 years.

My goals are to engage and inspire children to make the right choices, be accountable for their actions, help those who are lost and and realize their own unlimited potential to do good and change the world.


Oh, I also like to sing Jazz and Pop standards from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I think I can blame my Father for that.  Hope to see you sometime!!!

Scot’s Maine Arts Commission Teaching Artist Page 

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