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So Young! So Cute! My Hair?

There is no real date on this grainy photo! Just two young grainy kids, in the shadows of the back brick wall, on the stage, at South Jr High in Brockton, MA. I love comma's.

The Blog is back! Will try to be good!

So, there you go, Paula & Scot at least 45-47 years ago. Not sure if we were cutting each others hair then. It's possible. I am pretty sure I am not wearing a helmet...just the shadows. It will be 48 years this August 14, 2024. We do not own any of those clothes anymore. It almost looks like I have a smart watch and a cell phone. That's not possible.

We would like to thank all the kids from South that have stayed in touch with us over the years. This of course includes the kids that became part of our family. Karen, Rachel, Roe, Tracey and our son Whyman. Whyman still lives in Brockton and is doing just fine.

We are doing dandy too! Have now been in Maine for 20 years. Paula is the resident photographer at the arts cooperative Lupine Cottage in Belfast, ME. I'm still doing all my

stuff: and work part time at Out on a Whimsey Toy Store. Seems so right.

I will stay in touch.

Be kind out there! Thanks.


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