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The Musician

Music means pretty much everything to me.  My love of music came from my Father Verne’s passion for Jazz and his constant finger tapping. As you can see I will play & sing almost anywhere. There I am singing at Lupine Cottage, Rock City Café, downtown Belfast and next to the LA Dumpster at the Belfast Farmers’ Market at Waterfall Arts. I graduated from Berklee College of Music…that means all four years. Most musicians go for a few semesters,

learn some stuff then leave and go on the road. My major was music education, minor in arranging and guitar. NO, “arranging” is not putting your socks away according to “color”.


Well, close…it’s how you put notes, instruments, tempo and themes on paper to decide the “color” of the music. OH MY GOSH, IT IS THE SAME THING!

I was a band director & music teacher in Brockton, MA. I took a two-year leave of absence to write and perform Mime & Music programs for school children. I toured for 35 years, checked with Brockton, they didn’t hold my position for me, so we moved to Maine.

But, Heh, I now get to play my Fathers’ 78rpm records on my WERU Community Radio Show. I  got to write songs with kids at the Farnsworth Museum. I also get to sing & play Jazz Standards as well as my own mildly sarcastic and sometimes moving original songs.

Most important… I will sing almost anywhere. See photos above!

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