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Radio Show


Here is my  WERU Family Radio Hour "Animal Show" from April 6, 2024. I asked you to count the number of animals mentioned in all the songs. It was quite the task. I made one mistake!!!! I told you at the end there were 84 animal names sung during the show. I was wrong...there are 88!

Follow the link! Check it out! Count! Maybe I am wrong again. Email me. Let me know. Set me straight! Enjoy the music! 

 WERU Family Radio Hour "Animal Show" April 6, 2024

Here’s how I got a radio show. If you know my work with children or me, you know that I use my experiences with a stuttering problem as the inspiration for most of what I do. When I first went to WERU Radio in 2011 it was quite the curiosity that I was a Mime with a speech problem wanting to be on the radio. What does that even mean?????

Matt, Joel & Denis looked at each other and said…. “Sure!” That’s what makes WERU the station that it is. So 11 years later here we are.

My program airs the first Saturday of the month at 11 am. It is available on demand for two weeks after. Just follow the link. I will have another of my archived shows available for you to hear for the rest of the month.

In my WERU Family Radio Hour I showcase children and young adults that have wonderful talents and do impressive things. You will also hear music that means a lot to me and I hope your whole family will love and dance and sing and want to hear again.

There will also be author’s, poetry and radio theater.

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