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Thank you all so much, Rhubarb & Woody Guthrie!

Thanks to everyone that recognized my 69th birthday yesterday. Really! It means a lot to me. It also means I am not 70! Will be soon. I'm OK! Makes me think about rhubarb too. Makes me think the picture above may be our entire garden this year. Why not? Just look at it!! Healthy, strong and green. It's what we all aspire to be. I think I planted it about 5 years ago. Ok, I threw it in the ground. It never fails, it always comes back, we even like it! Boiling it with sugar for a compote. My Mom Geraldine is on her second Strawberry Rhubarb pie. So what if the leaves can kill you( if you eat several pounds at one time). No problem. If I could send a little rhubarb to all of you I would. It's just that vegetation across state line thing! We could all get in trouble.

I am writing this a little before 11 am, Saturday June 4th, 2022! If you see this now my WERU Family Radio Hour is on at 11 am. It's my "W" show. I am featuring Woody Guthrie! It's at If in Maine go to 89.9 FM or 99.9FM Bangor. I can't send you Rhubarb(remember, leaves can kill you). I can tell you to listen and enjoy from 11am-12pm RIGHT NOW! TODAY! JUNE 4TH, 2022!



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