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Song Story #1 – The Baby Guitar Song

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Almost 30 years ago I bought a Martin “Backpacker” electric acoustic, steel string

guitar. It came in backpack bag. Why? So you can climb mountains and sing to the bears.

I did not know it would become my favorite guitar working with kids. Why? It was one

of the first small travel guitars and it has a triangle shape and usually lot’s of people do

not know what it is. Perfect. That’s it I am holding in the picture you see all over my


It sounds amazing amplified and gentle & sweet when it’s not. I made a little video awhile ago to sing the song and tell the story about the “Baby Guitar”.

I now have a hard shell case because “Baby Guitar” has hit the deck several times, been repaired and gone back into service. It has been referred to as a “ Paddle” or a “Ham in a can”. Long story! Watch, enjoy! Teach someone else!

This song will be on my new album release this year.

See you, Scot


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