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Final Photo! Tale of redemption!

This photo could be of so many things in Belfast, Maine. Almost impossible to tell. Each object

would have it's own wonderful tale to tell. This piece of history could be the metal hull of a ship with a floating issue, sunk to bottom, broke apart and came ashore decades later. Perhaps it's wood, a piling to a dock long removed from the shore by wind and water. It could be what's left of a sword once wielded by pirates centuries ago. All of these are tales of redemption, coming back to life to remind us of what once was.

While not quite as romantic, the true story has a wonderful twist. This photo is the undercarriage/frame of my 2000 Honda Odyssey. It also will not float in this condition. Just after this photo, the section you see was hit by a hammer and fell to the garage floor under the lift. This was it. 21 years old and off to the crusher. I did make $400 on the deal.

The day the flatbed was coming I did one last check through the interior. In my search I found a few more maps, pencils, screws, receipts, dollar bills and the remote to my garage door under the visor. Only thing I forgot to remove was the tire doughnut under the floor boards. Too bad.

I thought I would check the driver's side door pocket one more time. Reaching & fishing I felt some kind of washer. Really smooth and thick. Took it out. Nope, not a washer! It was my wedding ring I have been searching for for the last year. Thought I lost it at the YMCA in the pool or somewhere in the other car. In the meantime I resized my original ring and wear that ( my lost ring was from our second set). I also gave Paula on her birthday a $22.50 silver ring from the jewelers, in a nice box, for her to give back to me so I could wear it to prove I was married.

So at the end of this "tale of redemption" I told Paula we are all set! I have my original 46 year old ring on and two back ups in just in case.

This story is really not about what once was. It's about what still is and has only gotten deeper and stronger. My love for Paula and the fact she knows..........I will always lose stuff.

See ring below. Back up #1. Original is now on my finger. See you!


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