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Miss it already? Of course you do!

There it is. It's all we have left. Shovel? Snowblower? Gasoline? Oil? Ear plugs? Safety glasses? Ice chipper? Sand? Salt? Cat litter? Boots? Ice cleats? Darn Tough ankle socks? Darn Tough calf socks? Darn Tough over calf socks? Base layer one? Base wicking layer two? Total 100 percent wool top layer? Goose Down? Duck down? Electric mittens? Face mask- wool? Face Mask-N 95? Skull Cap? Knit Hat? NO, I DO NOT THINK SO! I do miss all that stuff. Really!

Maybe it's because of the preparation, the ceremony, the wonderful structure, and expectation. It's in the knowing it will take 10-15 minutes to get out of the house for maybe 5 minutes that the wonder resides. Paula & I do wear our sunglasses outside our hats because we can't figure out how to tuck them under the full face mask without letting in cold air. I am always telling her to wear more layers when the truth is she doesn't need them. My hands are always colder even though she

is not wearing mittens. I forget we do not need to run the car's heat if she is with you. She is somewhere between an Energizer Bunny and a space heater. Yes, you may see us walking down the street holding both, yes! Keeping my hands warm - of more immediate concern.

Do I give this all up? Nope! I wear long johns year round, under my summer jean shorts. It's a look. I sleep every night with a knit hat. I wear some sort of glove through the summer too. You know, keep my guitar fingers safe. Most winter wear goes away except for maybe a lite down jacket for those cool august nights. Then there is lawn mowing.

I will not miss the two months of ice we just had. Wondering if you will make it to the street when your house, steps and former lawn is just one big troubling skating rink. Flame throwers aside there's not much you can do.

Slowly as Spring & Summer arrive there is more in nature that can bite, sting, rub, trip and really hurt you. Enjoy the outdoors. We do.

Think I will sit around my last snow pile and have a cold one(see photo below). Paula may have personally been responsible that ice sculpture melting. Remember to clean and lubricate your ice cleats. Mine are ready by the door.

Be safe. Be comfortable. Be happy.


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