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Goals for 2022

To be honest, my only real goal for 2022 is to get ANYTHING done. If I can get

ANYTHING done it will be thrilling. I can then take 2023 off. ANYTHING would include my new Kids Album, videos for all the songs, do workshops & lessons with kids, guitar practice, getting out more with Paula, changing the fire alarm batteries, oil change for the snow blower, reading actual books, throwing away socks with holes, cleaning the cellar, find every LP Ella Fitzgerald ever made, trying to treat all people with “Grace” and find my old IPhone.

I want Paula & I to stay healthy, chipper and always listen to each other so we can answer the question, “What did I just say?” Our new game riding in the car is to think of some event in the past and then put the puzzle together by sharing memories.

We spent an hour trying to remember the name of a Coffee Shop chain in NC we used to go to when we were down there. The game ends when Paula gets annoyed and has to look it up. Oh, the answer was “Caribou Coffee”.

I want Paula to have more success and fun with her photography at Lupine Cottage.

I would like our kids to all stay safe, happy and productive. My Mom, Geraldine will turn 94 this year. May she keep her far superior (to us), intellect, wit and “charm”? for many decades to come. Oh, also keep talking to Mom on the phone at least our usual 3 times a day unless we have to talk to her about something!

I know there’s more, I just need a nap right now before I try to get ANYTHING done.

Oh, that’s right, where are we and what is Paula doing in that picture??

See you, Scot


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