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Do not mess with Geraldine!!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

What appears in the above photo is a late 50's Guild mahogany M-20 guitar, among other stuff. It's had a little work done over the years. There's an old Lawrence sound hole pick up there too. This is the guitar I got when my teacher Louie Pelaggi told me my Sears Silvertone really had to be replaced. I was 11 years old. The really cool thing about older guitars is they used natural air dried wood instead of kiln dried as most mass produced instruments due today. Although I love my Taylor Acoustic, the intonation(tuning) on this M-20 is almost perfect. This size and style is being much copied these days. OK, ENOUGH WITH THE FACTS!! Here's the story................

This was 1963! I still wanted to be Trini Lopez! Guitars were expensive. My Mom Geraldine(yes, that Geraldine!) found out a neighbors older son had this guitar that he wasn't using. So he sort of gave, loaned, said here take it, it's yours for now? Forever? Not sure! Wow, this was wonderful. It just fit me too. I was not a big guy. I also had Nun's hands. You know, small, clean, perfect half-moon cuticles..OK DELICATE!!! I used it for several years. My memory was the neighbor did not want it back.

One day the boys' Mom came over and told my Mom Geraldine( yes, that Geraldine), she wanted the guitar back. My Mom asked ...why? No real answer, her son was gone now. My Mom Geraldine(yes, that Geraldine who from now on will just be called Geraldine so I can keep the word count down) said "NO"! Yup, she just said "NO"!

Now I am really not sure if I was there or not. I might have blanked out, hid, passed out..not positive. I do know after Geraldine said "NO" she asked her how much she wanted for it. I became very aware that Guild M-20 was not leaving our house...ever. Go Mom.....I mean Geraldine. She knew what the guitar meant to me and was probably hoping I would be rich & famous & on TV so I could buy her a "Mink Coat & Cadillac Car".

The price was $150.00. That was a chunk of money for those days. Geraldine, I am told, ran around the house hunting up cash. She found it, paid, and there is the M-20 sitting in my room today. Must have been interesting when my father got home. I do remember him being quite proud.

When I was little I know she saved more than one of my toys that kids took. Including my Metal, Peddled, Blue "No No" car. "No No" because everything I touched in my fathers' car they would always say "No No". She chased it down, took the kid out and brought it back.

I will save my famous, slightly embellished story of her saving me from the gang that hung out at the "Big Rocks" on Pond Street. Her Eagle Tattoo on her right bicep struck fear into the bad guys.

OK, now you know.....Do not mess with Geraldine!! Thanks Mom.

Thanks to all you subscribers out there! It means a lot!



Unknown member
Mar 20, 2022

Great story!! Go Mom (I mean Geraldine!)

Mar 28, 2022
Replying to

This was from Dotty Parker


Unknown member
Mar 20, 2022

Muzza told me the story of this. She's a rock star

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