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“Thank you again for all that you do and have done for the Civil Rights Team Project of Maine. Our goal is a simple one. We want every single student to be able to attend school and get and education in an environment where they feel safe, valued, welcome and respected for who they are without exception. Your work advances us towards that goal. ”
Tom Harnett, Maine Attorney General’s office

Scot is a talented mime, a gifted musician, and a dedicated educator who’s been teaching and inspiring young people for over 30 years. Scot has a progression of 8 different shows for school children from elementary through high school. He also takes the best of everything for his family show MIME & MUSIC.

Scot’s work with bullying and self-esteem issues comes as a natural out growth of his years of teaching and entertaining. He has found that sharing his own experiences with speech problems, and the struggle to be accepted strikes a universal chord in his audiences and results in programs that speak to both minds and hearts. Educational, motivational, and family friendly fun for kids and adults of all ages!

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“Scot Cannon has the unique ability to actively engage young children while simultaneously teaching them life’s most difficult lessons” ~Ann Parsons, Pepperell, MA

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