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Mime & Music Workshop Show
(Grades K-8, Libraries & Family Concerts)

Be Positive Be Productive – choices for a healthy life

Finding Two Things you love to do!

Engaging in Positive & Productive Activities!

Grades K – 8, Libraries & Family programs

Come on down to Scot’s Mime & Music Workshop Show and find out what Scot has been doing all this time. Scot will teach you how some of the basic mime illusions work. You will get to sing some of Scot’s songs and some other songs Scot likes a lot. Oh, you will get to see Scot’s “Baby Guitar”, and his ukulele, probably hear some funny stories, eat invisible fruit and count cereal boxes. If there is time you will also learn why Scot only has one “t” in his name. During the show Scot will be asking you to tell him what Positive & Productive things you do every day. So come ready to move, sing, laugh and learn. Always wear comfortable cloths because “Moving is the Message”. Scot hopes you can find two things you love to do like he found Mime & Music.

“I Can” Objectives

1. I can name two positive & productive activities I love to do every day.
2. I can teach someone else the Pantomime lessons I learned today.
3. I can recall and sing the songs I learned in the workshop today.
4. I can write new verses to Scot’s “Cookie Song” using appropriate content, rhyme, rhythm, and meter.
5. I can incorporate the exercises and stretches I learned into my daily exercise routine.
6. I can integrate the skills I learned today in projects for other school subject areas.

This program can also be done as a full day or half-day residency. The Workshop Show is followed by individual classroom sessions.

“Scot delivered a high caliber performance to hundreds of parents and kids during the Festival. Not only is he funny and entertaining but he also presents a strong message about accepting people who may be different. He is inspirational…”
Julie Mason, Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association, Carver, MA

“We had no way of knowing when 1,000 expected little ones would choose to come through or how to accomplish entertaining them. Scot handled it all fantastically; as guests filled the hall he had an ongoing theme which they could get involved with at any time. Above and beyond the call of duty, ”
Edie Nichols, Rent An Event Services, New Bedford, MA

“Scot was simply stunning! Our audience ranged in age from 5 years to 60 years and all loved the show. It was really wonderful to see all participating…”
Jill Streck, Runkle School, Brookline, MA

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