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Elementary School Audiences

We Care is a mime & music presentation. Scot begins in make up and brings the audience through a series of fast paced skits. On the surface it seems like just another wonderful time for everyone. Scot then removes his make up and lets the audience see who he really is and why he is there. There was more than what just meets the eye in those skits. Scot talks about his speech problems growing up, tolerance, differences & how to……

“Save Someone’s Day”

A kind word, an extra moment spent with someone or a simple wave can change a bad day. These simple things we all need. They can be remembered for a lifetime. It can be the defining moment when attitudes change and a new life begins. Scot uses the skits he did to reinforce his simple lesson of kindness.

Watch excerpts from “We Care” above

Scot always ends with his 5 minute mime lesson that will stick right next to the simple lesson he came to teach.

“(We Care) Scot was the most entertaining performer we have ever had. I have never seen the children so enthralled with a show. When Scot tells the audience about his own battle with stuttering, and what he had to endure, and how far he has come in spite of it. He has them in his grasp and they never leave.” 
Carla Kendall, Ryerson school, Wayne, NJ.

“All students in grades one through six were treated to his delightful, energizing, uplifting (We Care) program. Above all, he reinforced, in his own unique way, the values we espouse. Scot Cannon tailors his program to be age-appropriate. In so doing, his message of love for all of humanity is received by those who are privileged to be part of his audience. It is without reservation that we recommend, but most importantly thank, Scot Cannon for the contribution of self he made while appearing at Sacred Heart Elementary School. ”
Sister Jean Morris, principal, Sacred Heart Elementary School, Kingston, MA

“It was so wonderful to see them so excited and to hear them talking about and repeating what you taught them about conflict resolution, handling anger and being a friend.  You made a big impact on a lot of kids today.  Thank you so much for that!”
Marguerite Sequin, Kennelly School, Hartford, CT. Third Grade, Room 224

“We wanted an entertainer that would amuse both the adults and the children, and Scot fit the bill perfectly … He was delightful, funny and thoughtful. His final touch to remove his makeup and thank the children was absolutely wonderful, and highly appreciated.”
Kathleen Harrington, Account Executive, Lashley & Company, Boston, MA

“We Care” “Scot was given superior ratings by our teaching staff for his professionalism, ability to communicate with his audience, response of the children to the performance, appropriateness of the performance to the age level, level of creativity and educational value of the performance.”
Ms. Richard, Principal, Hammer Elementary School, Wethersfield, CT

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