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We Can
(Middle School)

We Can

School Audiences
Before attitude is a problem, before peer pressure is a problem, before alcohol & drugs are a problem self esteem is the answer. Scot brings students through one full day of school in this stage presentation. We see one adolescent trying to make all the choices and decisions necessary to keep him going in the right direction.

The first 30 minutes is silent pantomime with an original back­ground score of music and sound effects. Scot then removes his make-up on stage and delivers his comic monologue filled with questions for the audience. Scot brings them closer to the message by using the memories of his struggle with an adolescent speech problem. His battle to be understood and accepted gives hope and encouragement to kids des­perately trying to put it all together.


What is the message?

“If you think you can or you think you can’t… you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

“We Can” “In my fourteen years of working with adolescents, never have I seen such a marvelous presentation … Scot captures the essence of growing up in a performance that makes it so real, the kids can relate. His sensitivity and obvious knowledge of the age group was very apparent. Many students have spoken of your performance and were really touched.”
Paul DuCott, LCSW, Adjustment Counselor, Galvin Middle School, Canton, MA

“…students came away with the message of how important it is to care about ourselves and those around us…”
Richard Sanderson, Principal, Northwest School, Leominster, MA

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