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The Next Step
(middle & high school)


A pantomime musical for Middle, High School & College audiences.

The Next Step is the story of a high school student about to make decisions he feels will influence the rest of his life. Will Scot pass his audition and go to music school, work for his father’s business or quit school and play with his band?

For a middle school audience Scot talks about how to plan for a successful high school career, how to find and use your talents and what to do with those career dreams.  In the high school & college show Scot discusses how to use dreams, reality, success and failure to prepare for the future.  The Next Step emphasizes motivation, patience and the willingness to take risks to grow and learn. Scot performs the original music, lyrics and movement with an original musical score. Using guitar and vocals, Scot covers the musical spectrum from rock & blues to country, jazz and classical.

“Scot’s dedication as a performer-teacher clearly showed through when he came out into the audience after his mime performance and spoke with the students about what they had seen. He wanted to make sure that they left with the messages he had intended to portray. It was a touch of genius from an educator’s point of view. Scot had done `closure’ on his lesson. The faculty commented on what a unique touch that was to the assembly program.”
John Lovering, Coordinator, Triton Regional School, Byfield, MA

“Students who were marginally interested in school, if at all, suddenly found a reason to be excited … Scot was able to make them feel good by identifying the trials of adolescence in an artistic and fun way. Any youth program which has a chance to work with Scot would be mistaken not to take the opportunity.”
Jon Sass, Student Support Staff, Lynch Junior High, Holyoke, MA

“The Next Step” “Both the staff and the students thoroughly enjoyed your re-enactment of your career decision on life after high school. Many of the students for which you performed are facing that similar decision, and I feel that finding out that their feelings are not isolated, but are universal to all allows them (to) understand themselves in a more realistic manner.”
Mary A. Mushok, Ed.D, Principal, Bridge Academy, Springfield, MA

“The production effectively dealt with current student issues, and many of them were able to personally relate to the issues confronting the main character. An outstanding job of helping students ti realize they do have choices, and that they should and can make the choice that is in their best interest”
Mathilda Alexander, Coord., Camden Cnty Voc &Tech. Schools, Pennsauken, NJ

“The Next Step was probably the most successful assembly we have ever had. It was entertaining, moving, and highly motivating. Great job!”
John McEwan, Program Coord., Silver Lake Reg.H.S., Pembroke/Kingston, MA

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