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Classics With a Twist

Classics With a Twist

Elementary, Library, Family Audiences

Classics is a tribute and celebration of poetry, story and song. It’s a 45 to 60 minute program that emphasizes the enjoyment and importance of reading, writing and listening. The interactive presentation uses adults & children on stage as readers and actors, with no rehearsal required.

Classics can be a collaboration between Scot and the presenter. Together they select readings from Scots repertoire or from the sponsors reading list. Scot uses mime, music and dialogue during the show, and along with his quick wit and flexibility, Scot responds to all the unrehearsed situations that occur throughout the performance.

Scot removes his make up towards the end of the show to help the audience understand how important literature was to him growing up with a severe speech problem.

“Classics With a Twist” “He sang songs from his song book, read poems from his collections and performed stories which had the children and their parents totally engrossed. Scot created a memorable experience for the parents and their children.”
June Kingston, President Union 61 Teachers’ Association, MA 

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